All about Digital Transformation

The digital transformation is defined as the incorporation of technologies, processes and strategies by organizations to compete in an increasingly automated economy.

Carrying out a successful digital transformation project requires a deep review and reinvention of most areas within the company; accompanied by efficient processes focused on the client and technological solutions that are in constant innovation.

The path can be long or short. It all depends on the level of maturity of companies in the face of a digital world. For example: For a company that is not even connected to the Internet, digital transformation could be to connect to the Internet and start to benefit from it; However, for companies that are more advanced on this journey, it would be something more in-depth like implementing a CRM strategy and / or adding artificial intelligence topics to it.

It must be borne in mind that no matter how successful a company is, it must have the flexibility to transform and adapt to the constant changes in the market or it will be doomed to extinction. Just remember the high-profile cases of Blockbuster vs. Netflix or Toys-R-Us vs. Amazon.

In conclusion, we can say that the three fundamental pillars of digital transformation are: customer-focused processes, cultural transformation of people and the use of cutting-edge technology that together allow the company to be disruptive and adapt to the changes that arise in the market.

At Clouder Consulting our mission is to help promote and operationalize the digital transformation in companies through knowledge of their business, implementing innovative technological solutions and accompanying them in the redefinition of business models in the market.


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